What We Offer


Excuse My French But It's A Crepe....

What is a Crepe you ask? A crepe is a thin pastry filled with sweet goodness! 

Why have a crepe station? This is sure to be the talk of your party. Guest really enjoy the freshness of desert, smelling of sweet aroma as the pastry cooks, while enjoying the site of the pastry being made. 


Our crepes are prepared with love using fresh and organic ingredients from our local farmers markets to ensure we are serving you quality flavors. 


Did someone say COFFEE?

 We all love coffee! Iced Coffee, Hot Coffee, Espresso, Lattes, Americanos name it I'm sure we have it! If coffee is not enough we also offer tea upon request.

We use Local suppliers including Wildgoose Roasters located in Redlands, California to insure you are being served quality and fresh coffee. Our tea comes from Summit Tea also located in Redlands, California. 


Let us personalize your experience........

We work closely with you to add a personalized experience to fit the theme of your event.

We have options of decor to help our set up blend, whether it be a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or an event of choice. 

She Brews A Latte provides you with experienced baristas and creperistas to insure you are receiving the best product and service. We would love to bring this experience to you and your guest rather it be in the comfort of your home or a venue of choice.